Records Management

The amount of data organizations generate and store grows exponentially each year. Understanding what data and how to manage it can be challenging for many organizations. Kalei Consulting provides records management consulting, training, and resources to help organizations develop key records management competencies to manage information through its entire life cycle – from creation to disposition.

Business Process Improvement

We help organizations optimize their underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.  Through improvement of an organization’s business practices and through the analysis of activities, Kalei Consulting helps to reduce or eliminate inefficient or irrelevant activities and simultaneously improves quality and productivity.

Project Management

When it comes to project management, our consultants have the depth and breadth of experience to help with most client needs. Kalei Consulting provides project management consulting, training, and resources to help organizations improve performance and deliver projects successfully.

Information Technology

Technology is at the heart of your business success, and getting the right technology strategy to make the most of your technical infrastructure, information systems and business processes requires expertise.  It is very important that organizations invest wisely in the different technologies that are available to maximize their business success.